Abilheira & Cunha is a textile company, specialized in clothing manufacture

Since 1994, it stands out for the quality of its garments and its rapid response, flexibility and innovation.

We have been in business since 1994

Abilheira & Cunha has been in business for over three decades, working for the international market.

Making sourcing effortless and reliable is our mission!

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Located in one of the major textile production points in the country, the company benefits from an excellent geographical location.

In addition, the technology of its equipment, combined with the team’s experience, has contributed to the affirmation of Abilheira & Cunha as a reference in the European textile industry.

France, Germany and England are three of the countries for which it produces the most, but the doors are always open to new markets and new challenges.

What we do?

Knitted garments for Men, Women and Children
Dedicated to the textile production of several article lines, we manufacture from the most basic products, to the most elaborate and personalized ones. In all orders, we put the utmost professionalism and rigor, responding efficiently to customer requests, adapting to the requirements and needs of each one of them.
We, internally, guarantee the entire production cycle, which means we have an excellent response capacity

Counting on a very experienced team, which supported by modern equipment, allows us to win suppliers and reference brands.

Present in several national and international fairs, we have taken the quality of Portuguese confection abroad.


It’s not about the size of the challenge.
It’s about the size of the will.

Our brands


Um estilo que combina elegância e conforto, é assim que podemos descrever a Freegliss.

Uma marca, criada em 2014, facilmente associada a estilos de vida mais desportivos, nomeadamente golfe, náutica ou ténis.

Com produtos de qualidade acima da média, com alta resistência e funcionalidade, a Freegliss desenvolve coleções para mulheres, homens e crianças.


The brand that has taken Portuguese history and culture to the four corners of the world, since 2005. VIPortuguese bets on the originality, comfort and quality of the products. Today, countless young people across borders identify with the concept of the brand. Its entire design is incorporated by several striking elements and of great significance for the Portuguese or for the people who visited our country.

Red Oak

Aimed at modern, urban and irreverent people, Red Oak collections offer naturalness and relaxation.

Founded in 2005, this is a brand that combines style, design and trends.

Combining the latest trends in fabrics and colors, Red Oak works daily to satisfy its customers.


Personalization is the main focus of this brand.

An online store that allows you to choose different types of items and how you want to personalize them.

With a young and dynamic team, Holmeia guarantees a personalized accompaniment in all stages of production.


If you prefer to view the product, material, quality and other details before ordering, our showroom is the perfect solution for you.
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